Buyer is a private investment group


IG played a key role in this high level transaction which endured a lengthy and unpredictable deal cycle.  

"This deal required persistence through multiple rounds -- and months -- of marketing, buyer offers and due diligence," says Tony Roe, Vice President of Business Development for IG.  "Effectively the investment group, which was the buyer from round one, showed continued interest along the way and we re-engaged with them. They became the ultimate buyer of this company."  

The private investment firm focuses on acquiring companies in the software, technology, energy and healthcare sectors.  It works closely with shareholders of companies to understand their liquidity needs and provide flexible capital to meet their requirements.

The Software Solutions Company, located in Northern California, is a provider of products and services for disaster recovery and replication of mainframe databases. The Company's software solutions ensure business continuity and 24/7 availability of critical data.  Its products are used worldwide to support remote journaling and database shadowing for mission critical applications. 

A brief history of the deal

Upon presenting a Value Estimate which the retirement-age partners agreed was a fair market price, IG assisted them in developing their exit strategy.  A marketing plan was implemented and extensive research was conducted to target buyers.   Outreach included email campaigns, online advertising and specific print advertising such as the Wall Street Journal.

* 50 potential buyers responded

* 12 buyers qualified by IG

* 4 Letters Of Intent (LOIs) were reviewed by the sellers

* 1 buyer successful in closing

IG oversaw all due diligence and closing processes.  The team effort included the IG lead consultant, company president and more than a half dozen back office support personnel, including IG's transaction coordinator.

The extended cycle and IG’s persistence to stay on top of this deal proved that, again, constant communication and teamwork are key factors in exceeding a client's expectations.