Financing Assistance

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Financing a business acquisition can be quite complex. Most deals have some of the following types of financing:

  • Seller financing (typically subordinated to bank financing)
  • Secured Senior Debt                
    • - SBA (7A or 504)                     
    • - USDA                                      
    • - Lines of Credit
    • - Equipment
  • Unsecured Debt
    • - Cash Flow
    • - Mezzanine with equity

The structure of the financing can play a very important role in making the deal “work.” The Independence Group can assist in this process in the following ways:

  • Determine the type of financing that best fits the transaction
  • Identify sources best suited to provide the financing
  • Prepare financing package to present to potential lenders
  • Present the proposed financing request to lenders
  • Assist in the details of completing the financing arrangements

The Independence Group is often paid by the lender when the financing arrangements are completed. At times there is a fee that is absorbed by the buyer to complete the financing process.