Emergency Equipment & Logistics Company


November 2017 - The Independence Group (IG) has completed the sale of an Emergency Equipment and Logistics Company for a total transaction value of approximately $3.2 million.  The buyer is a group of three brothers who joined forces to make the acquisition.

The Company is a provider of emergency logistical support and equipment, established for more than 15 years in California. It responds to disaster situations with the tents, generators, HVAC units and services that are essential to emergency workers.  The Company is regularly called to be of service for wildland fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.  It can respond to an emergency event anywhere in the continental U.S. 

"The closing of this deal happened quickly due to a tremendous team effort," said Larry Willis, President of IG.  "Not to mention that it was completed during the height of the arduous and devastating wildfire events that occurred last month in California.  The seller was working the fire sites in the northern part of the state during the due diligence period."  

The IG team was headed by Joe Cavazos, the Consultant representing the seller; Guy Barber, Transaction Coordinator; Brittany Black, the Attorney who also acted as Escrow Agent; and Ale Cavazos, Financial Analyst for IG. 

IG expects to close several more deals in the coming weeks and months.  The firm is also experiencing a buzz of activity alongside Acquisition Partners (AP), its buy-side services division.  AP offers enhanced acquisition search assistance to select private equity firms. For more information visit www.acq.partners.