Business Value Estimate


Comprehensive Evaluation

A company is the lifeblood of a family; the fruit of many years of hard labor.  At some point most business owners will encounter a reason for needing a business valuation.  Selling (or buying) a business, transitioning ownership to a family member, reporting estate taxes and handling shareholder/partner buyouts are just a few scenarios in which a value analysis is required. 

In the case of a business sale, the owner will need to establish value in order to plan an orderly exit strategy. It is a critical and essential step in the exit planning process.  Similarly, a buyer of a business must complete a value analysis before pursuing a potential deal. 

The Independence Group’s team of experts will evaluate the company in the following ways:

  • Review historic financial trends
  • Look at comparable historic transactions
  • Look at adjustments that are “one-time,” non-recurring  or not directly related to business operations 
  • Look at similar companies currently available for sale
  • Evaluate economic trends of the target company’s industry
  • Review risk factors to evaluate target company compared to its industry
  • Determine who will be in the probable buyer pool
  • Establish an expected value range

The fee for conducting a Value Estimate is typically in the range of $3,000-$3,500.  This includes in-depth interaction and/or on-site meetings with the client as needed.  In the event that The Independence Group assists the client in a completed transaction, this fee will offset other contingent fees upon a successful closing.  This fee also often includes an in-depth financial report with recommendations to improve the financial health of the organization.