Transaction marks IG's 12th deal with private equity


The Independence Group (IG) announces the sale of a BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER to a private equity firm.

December 2015 – The Independence Group (IG) announces the sale of a biological products manufacturer to a private equity firm.

The biologicals company, located in the Midwest, has produced premium serums and laboratory solutions for nearly 40 years. Its high grade biologicals are used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, scientific laboratories and medical researchers. The Company is also a provider in the field of human organ and tissue processing.  

The private equity firm partners with entrepreneurial, forward-thinking business owners and holds industrial/pharmaceutical services platforms in its portfolio.  The biologicals company is an ideal fit as it has operated for nearly four decades while remaining relatively small - only six people on staff - with a high profit, low margin structure.  

"We are pleased to finalize this transaction for our client," said Tony Roe, Vice President of Business Development for IG.  "Due to the Company's unique niche in its industry, there was a narrow field of appropriate buyers and we had to overcome a few hurdles.  IG has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with this private equity firm and ultimately they stepped up as the frontrunner.  Our client is very satisfied with the deal terms and the outlook for increasing the Company's value." 

The transaction marks IG's twelfth sale to a private equity group.  Other successful deal completions with private equity include a medical billing company, an environmental remediation services provider and a fishing tackle manufacturer.  

IG has two more private equity deals currently in due diligence and expects to close both of them within the coming weeks.